ZONGO Bilasse : Biologie appliquée

Neya Bapyan Augustin, KABRE Tinkoudougou Jean André, ZONGO Bilassé (2018) : Analysis of microalagae grazing and filtering activity of Tilapia Zillii in the Ziga reservoir in Burkina Faso (Western Africa). International journal of agricultural policy and research,6 (7): 98-110.
MAHFOUDH Amednah, ZONGO Bilassé, KABRE T. Jean André (2018) : Growth parameters estimate of the sardine fish (Sardinella maderensis Lowe, 1838) exploited from artisanal fisheries and landed at the Nouakchott coastal port of he atlantic Ocean, Mauritania international journal of Agricultural P olicy and Research, 6(11): 107-119.